Silk LCR
Supermalloy LCR RIAA circuit for dedicated phono stage.
The trend of vacuum tube phono stage circuit has been back to the high-end scene for several years. Most designs based on economic high impedance, high loss R/C network circuit on feedback loop to provide RIAA compensation. (As can be seen in fig.1) To overcome the high loss, this type of circuit usually brings in high gain tubes which solve the problem at the end of the line.
Even though this scheme has been implemented to most of available phono stage circuits due to ease of building and low cost, for many audiophiles, those phono stages still do not provide enough sense of reality.

Recently the trend of alternative design called LCR RIAA phono stage circuit is now on rising and gain popularity among discerned audiophiles.

LCR RIAA comprises of inductor, resistor and capacitor to form a low impedance network that functions to compensate for RIAA playback standard. This low impedance characteristic yields exceptional signal transfer that usually lost from high impedance R/C RIAA network. It seems like a fine and easy solution to build this LCR network but very few people on the planet can successfully build it.

LCR RIAA is very difficult indeed to build and to function properly. Many tried to build with air core inductor, or ferrite core with silver wire and none of them work correctly to the RIAA standard.

Our LCR RIAA is built based on the best Supermalloy core inductor with top secrete implementation to perform within +/- 0.5dB from RIAA standard (from 20Hz-20KHz) or in the average of less than +0.15dB from the standard.

SILK LCR RIAA works with 600 ohm source impedance and the recommended circuit is in fig.2.

Fig.3 illustrates the real performance of SILK LCR RIAA. The center of the curve is 1KHz reference point. The left of curve is 20Hz where the cursor X shows Delta Yb = +19.42dB (Standard RIAA at 20Hz is +19.274dB)

Fig.4 illustrates cursor X at 20KHz and Delta Yb = -19.54dB (Standard RIAA at 20KHz is -19.62dB)

Size( W x L x H)
Price (Pair)
16,000 THB
18,000 THB