New 2009 Silk Supermalloy Grid Choke
  The highest inductance Grid Choke with lowest DCR and lowest capacitance.
Replacing your grid leak resistor with our new SILK Supermalloy Grid Choke is one of the easiest improvement you can do by yourself. Our Grid Choke can be characterized as "The Ultimate Inductor" since its inductance is more than 7,000 Henry at 12Hz while having very low DCR of just 1.3K ohm.
  In Grid circuit, it is preferred to have:

1) The lowest DCR component to suppress noise (low impedance),
2) High AC impedance (high load) to form easy load to the driving circuit. If the impedance is too smal, it will over-load the driving circuit and will cause high distortion and low bandwidth.
3) The lowest capacitance accross grid circuit.

The first two preferences create dilemma and the compromise in economic way is to use between 50K ohm up to 500K ohm a grid leak resistor to provide grid leak bias action while not loading too much of the driving circuit. Compromising between noise and load are there in every circuit design. However with our new Supermalloy Grid choke, its immense inductance (high impedance) yet very low DCR only around 1.3K ohm create no compromise design vacuum tube amplifier circuit
AC impedance at 1KHz of our new SILK Supermalloy Grid Choke is more than 5 Mega ohm!
Not only our new Supermalloy Grid Choke has highest inductance and lowest DCR, it also processes one of the very important asset in grid circuit parameter, it has very low parasitic capacitance of only less than 20pF. This is a 10 to 1 lower capacitance as compare to standard grid resistor. Immediate improvement in high frequency response.
A normal 100K ohm grid resistor can have as much as 200pF of parasitic capacitance that always shunts away high frequency response in your circuit.
  Silk Grid Choke
Price (THB)
more than 7,000H at 12 Hz
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